Thursday, July 22, 2010


Do you ever feel like you're just one breath away from a complete explosion? Like if one more worry or one more anxious thought would tip the scale far enough to send you over the edge?

Well...that's where I am.

I used to have dreams...passions...ability...absolute desire... and somehow life swallowed it all up and forced it to wander around aimlessly in the depths of my soul...where not even I can find it anymore...

The purpose of this little adventure is to find myself again. To unveil the bright-eyed girl inside me who used to jump out of bed at the mere thought of spending another sweet day in the arms of my Savior. The girl who lived daringly...fearlessly...knowing the walls and skin that surround me are but a vaporizing mist....and being unreasonably content at the prospect.

I'm ready to accept my past.

I'm ready to forgive the wounds of the past.

I'm ready to learn how to forgive myself.

I'm ready to find my way home to grace.


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