Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh, the Madness!

The bag is finished!!

Now, if only I could say the same for my kitchen...10 boxes in and I'm only half done!

It was really fun when the power went out for an hour...

Anyway...It'll get done. But I need a break. :)

Are we there yet??

Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm 28 years old and I finally got to go to Grant's Farm.

Baby goats are cute:)

And our bedroom is packed.

What's left?
Our living room, kitchen, and closet. And then for the deep clean.

But first...I'm hanging out with a friend to hopefully finish sewing my rock awesome messenger bag made out of this fabric.

It's getting closer, folks....only 3 more days.

I've been clinging to this verse:

"For God has not given us a spirit of timidity (or fear), but of power and love and self-discipline."
 2 Timothy 1:7

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Like sand through the hourglass...

Utility Room....check.
Hour-long bike ride through Forest Park...check.

Still waiting to hear back about the moving truck....still trying to make sure we have all of the man-muscle required to haul all of our junk down the stairs...and still trying to figure out how to fit all of our last minute St. Louis excursions.

But seriously.

We got free Cards/Cubs tickets.

So I'm not complaining.


Monday, July 25, 2011

counting down...

We have 7 days.

Today I will pack the remains of the office, the utility room, and our hall closets. I had originally envisioned around 40 boxes being MORE than enough for the contents of our home, but I've since been proven terribly wrong.

I'm blessed to have worked at a company that has a seemingly endless supply of diaper boxes.

I'm also suddenly having all of these insatiable desires to cook food and bake yummy desserts. What's up with that? Distracting myself? Maybe. Or maybe it's just that I finally have time to breathe and do the things I love.

Too bad it's keeping me from packing boxes. It's so tempting!

One thing I do NOT love is sweating through my dress at the Muny while surrounded by people who think it's a good idea to TALK through the big musical numbers--when, in actuality, I don't care because the singing/acting/dancing is mind numbingly mediocre. Probably because it's hot enough outside for one to sweat through one's dress. I couldn't perform in that merciless heat either.

It's a good thing we had amazing peeps with us, though...or I might have walked out:)

Yay for the Matlocks!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's almost here...

July is almost over and I haven't even written ONE blog. I gotta's lost its luster. I love to write, but there have been SO many other things swarming around this tiny apartment of ours for me to even beGIN to think about sorting through my thoughts on pretend internet paper.

But, it's theraputic.

And I need to.

Because I said so.

We are moving to Columbia in approximately one week, one day, and a few hours. It's finally starting to hit me that we're not going to be in St. Louis anymore. This morning at the Botanical Gardens, I realized that we only have one more Saturday to do our free visit...and one more Wednesday night to do the free concert. At this prospect, I was very sad. Tonight will be our last Muny concert, and we only have two more Sundays at church. I already had my last day at work, my last lesson student, and the packing has already begun.

It just doesn't seem real. I can't believe the summer is finally almost over and it's actually time for us to go back to school. I have to buy pens and notebooks again. I have to re-learn how to take notes and pay attention in class.... It's all just so wierd.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm SUPER excited to take advantage of this amazing opportunity the Lord has literally laid in our laps. I get to play my flute again. I get to write. I get to teach more students. I get to work with my husband and actually be a team for once. How amazing is that? I am so blessed. At the same time, this is still a huge transition for us...and we are two people who, for various reasons, are a little transitionally gun-shy. Understandably so...however....there is something way bigger going on here...and I know we have to continue believing that:

God is in control.

He guided us...and now He gets to provide.

He loves us.

He will never leave us.

He will never leave me. the next couple of weeks as we prepare to leave...I will enjoy spending time with our St. Louisan friends and family and doing all the fun stuff one last time. I might cry a little and be tempted to give into my fear of the unknown road ahead....but I know we will be okay and that the journey we are on is making us stronger by the minute.

Summer 2006--months after I moved to St. Louis and about the time we started to date. This was taken moments before a torrential downpour.

On a float trip in 2007. Yes...Tom is steering the canoe. No..I didn't yell at him. Admittedly one of my prouder moments...

One month into our marriage--Summer of 2008--and our first night in our apartment painting our awesome blue walls:)

Summer 2009--Fourth of July on the riverfront in St. Charles in the POUriNG RAIN.

Second Anniversary trip in 2010 to Memphis: I'm standing on a scaled model of the Mississippi River that Tom and I both loved exploring.

Summer 2011 in Chicago--our 3rd Anniversary

Same trip...watching a lame 3-D presentation at Shedd Aquarium. Not really worth the money...but SO worth the awesome glasses.


Maybe I'll fit in a couple more sappy reflections before we leave. Who knows.