Monday, May 16, 2011

I can't see clearly now...even though the rain is gone.

There's nothing like an annual eye exam to remind me of how blind I actually am. They take my contacts out and expect me to read the letters on the white sheet in front of me. Without my contacts, I can't even see the white sheet...let alone the big "E" on it.  Suprisingly, though, the doc informed me that the reason I'm having trouble seeing out of my left eye is because apparently as we age, our eyes sometimes regain sight, leaving one eye "over-corrected.".

My perscription plummeted from a -13.00 to a -12.00.


The problem is, none of the circular panes she flicked past my eyes (...which is clearer...number one....or number two....three...or four...) were actually clear. They were all varying levels of blurry with a large hint of glare. So, forgive me if I'm not entirely convinced that my eyes are indeed improving.

But, I figure she's the one with the opthamology degree so who am I to ask questions.

The MOST amusing part of the whole experience was attempting to navigate 270 with my pupils dilated to the size of small coffee saucers. I seriously haven't seen pupils that big since a college boyfriend looked me straight in the eye and swore to me that he hadn't been smoking anything. Wanna know something funny? I actually believed him. It really is a wonder I made it through college alive...

Anyway, they really should issue a warning before you come to an appointment like this to bring a driver with you. I couldn't even see to sign my own name on my bill...let alone navigate traffic. Heck...I still can't see clearly and it's almost bedtime!

But, I did make it home ok...and then sat on the couch all evening with my eyes closed. My poor husband had to sacrifice his fun plans for us to go play tennis---AND he had to do the bills all by himself. What a trooper.

Here's to clearer vision in the morning.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I need tequila. Oh wait...I already had some. Chocolate will have to do.

Today, I cracked open our Anthology of Western Music and began the laborious attempt to stay awake for at least thirty minutes of Greece and Rome.

I have proficiency exams in approximately 3 months.

It will take the duration to dig 2500 years of western music history out of my brain and the pages of my book.

Oh, yippee.

Maybe some of it will stick with me this time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


And this...

Because James Galway is my hero..

When I was a little budding flutist, I would play my Telemann sonatas along with my CD of him playing it. It was awful because I really just couldn't keep up:)


I'm finally learning this piece....

In honor of Kim Underwood. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mmm...sweet sleep

It's Tuesday--my day off--and it was oh so glorious to sleep in until 7:45am.

The sun is streaming through the blinds and after I sit here and veg in front of the tv computer I'm thinking I'm going to go for a REALLY long run.

But as for now, I shall be content yelling at the ridiculous jerks on  "16 and Pregnant".

It really is the right thing to do.