Saturday, September 25, 2010

Big Wheels Keep on Turning...

While perusing the dusty library shelves last week searching for natural childbirth books (I did see the Ina May book again...believe me...I passed it up...too many nakey-hippie pictures!!), I stumbled upon this:

As soon as I opened the front cover, the decision had been made.

I will bike to work.

It's only a 3 minute hard could it really be?

So, Tom and I bought a bike helmet at Target last night with some leftover birthday money, and I decided to do a test run today. In preparation, I reviewed the "merging" and "signalling" part of the instruction manual, and succeeded in getting myself SO incredibly hyped up for my first adventure on Tesson Ferry that I was physically shaking.

I was just a little nervous..

Ten minutes later, I was suited up....I even took my wallet with me in case I got smashed on the side of the road. In the event my face was unidentifiable...they would at least have my driver's liscense to look at:) Nevertheless, with a few deep breaths and the snap of my helmet buckle..I was off.

I rode to the top of our apartment complex and prepared for the right turn. The cars were going a little faster than I had imagined...but I pushed off anyway. My trusty book said to ride just inside the right white line...and to not worry about cars needing to pass...I have a right to the road just as much as they do! So...that's what I did.

I don't like being slower than others around for the first 5 minutes I was up out of the saddle peddling as fast as my little feet could take me. It's easy..I's just Tesson..right? I bet it wasn't 30 seconds later that my legs turned to jell-o and I was panting so hard I thought I would pass out. Looking up, all I could see was the next half of the climb looming before me.

Now...we're talking about the girl who embarks on 20 mile bike rides and 4-5 mile runs without much of a problem...but apparently I'm not meant to travel at such lightning speed. 

Silly girl.

I stopped in a parking lot a couple blocks from where I started and began calming myself down. My neighbor even saw me and stopped to see if I was ok. Yes...I was fine...just a little embarrassed for only making it 2 feet down the road...

After a few deep breaths, some shedding of the outer layers, and a readjustment on my seat, I was ready to try again. This time...a little less ambitious.

The rest of the ride was fairly smooth...I made it all the way to where I work and then turned around and came back. I even merged into the left-hand turn lane to turn back into my apartment complex. I'm not sure I'll be doing that again...

The general consensus is that the majority of South County drivers have no idea what to think of a 20-something girl riding her bike down the road. It's like I had a third eye or something. It felt REALLy nice when a cement truck barrelled right by me without even moving over to the left portion of his lane. All I could think was Holy Sh--!! But, I know that as long as I ride safely and avoid the really heavy traffic and riding at night..I'm probably going to be fine.


Maybe some people will take notice and realize that maybe they really don't have to hop in their car to go 5 minutes down the street. It's a great workout...and uses much less gas!

In other news...I'm getting ready to select some  fabric to make these super cute purses:

If all goes well, maybe I'll make more to sell on in my shop:)

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Ooh, BIKING! I just bought a good bike lock last week (didn't want to take the chance of my bike being swiped again) and I've been thinking about starting to ride regularly. I think you've inspired me to put air in the tires!