Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Food Babies

Tonight, I got to teach Hannah. She's a skinny-jean wearing, headbanging, 70's mustang driving kinda girl. She's independant and super laid back. One of those timid quiet girls who, on occasion, will spout off the most hilarious stories I think I've ever heard.

As she was getting all of her music out for her lesson tonight, we were chatting as usual when all of a sudden she blurted out in a loud shaky voice...

"Miss Katie, are you pregnant?"


I will have you know that I've been training for a half marathon since November. I endure a Jillian Michaels workout twice a week. I joined Weight Watchers again. The last thing I would expect to hear from anyone is a comment about how I look pregnant! I know that I'm no skinny mini..but COME ON! Seriously??

Reeling from the shock of her blunt question, I glanced down at my belly, then back at her, mouth still gaping...

This question had just come out of the mouth of a high school senior who not only studies with me each week...but is also in two of my husband's bands at his high school. Just the thought of her thinking about such things was absolutely mortifying.

Finally, digging words out of my racing mind, I mustered a weak reply: 

" can't say that I am..."

"Oh," she said, "It was just something my Mom was talking about. She said it was some rumor going around."

Grrreat... Not only does she think I'm pregnant, but apparently so does her mom and a few of the other band parents...

"Well," I said, trying to ease the awkwardness I was fighting, "If by chance I have to babysit."

She let out a nervous chuckle.

So, we proceeded with our lesson...and I really did try to forget about the implications of her question...but I just can't help wondering. Am I really getting that pudgy around the middle? Or do gossipy band parents really have SO little to talk about that they have to make up rumors about the band director's wife being pregnant?

Not to say I'd be bummed if we were...but still..

It was just very strange.

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