Monday, July 25, 2011

counting down...

We have 7 days.

Today I will pack the remains of the office, the utility room, and our hall closets. I had originally envisioned around 40 boxes being MORE than enough for the contents of our home, but I've since been proven terribly wrong.

I'm blessed to have worked at a company that has a seemingly endless supply of diaper boxes.

I'm also suddenly having all of these insatiable desires to cook food and bake yummy desserts. What's up with that? Distracting myself? Maybe. Or maybe it's just that I finally have time to breathe and do the things I love.

Too bad it's keeping me from packing boxes. It's so tempting!

One thing I do NOT love is sweating through my dress at the Muny while surrounded by people who think it's a good idea to TALK through the big musical numbers--when, in actuality, I don't care because the singing/acting/dancing is mind numbingly mediocre. Probably because it's hot enough outside for one to sweat through one's dress. I couldn't perform in that merciless heat either.

It's a good thing we had amazing peeps with us, though...or I might have walked out:)

Yay for the Matlocks!!!

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