Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adam Sandler--Worthy


We moved! And yes, I survived. I know this is terribly shocking.

I've been frustrated, confused, elated, stressed, teary, blessed, distraught, thankful, and most of all...prayed for. Thank GOODNESS!

Moving to Columbia one day and then starting work the next day was quite the wake-up call. Seeing how disorganized everything is in the band department was another. Realizing that our parking passes had us in Virginia Parking Garage (affectionately referred to as VAG...) at the complete opposite corner of the campus than our work building was yet another. That 20 minute walk with our instruments, books, and laptops was the biggest wake up call of them all.

Back to Schoooooool!!!!

Thanks to an amazing music dept. secretary, we aren't parking in VAG anymore.

Women everywhere are cheering, I'm sure.

I know I am.

Right now, I'm completely spent and I still have two more history chapters to outline. Oh...and I have yet to practice for the day. And I really want to make this awesome gluten free pudding cake mix I found at the farmer's market on Saturday.

And I wonder why I got fat the first time around....

Back to Schooooool!

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