Saturday, September 24, 2011

Checking it twice

This week has been a much needed reprieve after two months of hit-the-ground-sprinting-madness. Our director of bands gave the kids an entire week off from marching band practice, giving us an extra three hours each afternoon to catch up on our growing to-do lists.

Yesterday, I knocked three very important items off of mine:

Yes, friends. I got threaded.

After six years of watching my St. Louis friends get their hair ripped from their faces by very skilled Indian women, I finally mustered up the courage to try it myself. It took at least 3 gulps of wine and a valuable coupon....but at least I did it! Anyway...I'm definitely hooked. It didn't really take that long and the pain was minor. Definitely better than attacking my face with a pair of tweezers in a poorly lit bathroom, which had been my method to date.


I don't have a picture for this one...but we found the best gluten-free pizza here. I'm always a bit skeptical anytime a restaurant claims to have gluten free items...especially pizza...and especially when the waiter casually claims that it will most definitely knock Shakespeare's "out of the park". I did take the risk, however, and boy am I glad I did. It was deLIcious. Even Tom couldn't taste the difference. AND it was only $10 for a 12" pizza which is outSTANding. Pi, a pizzeria we enjoyed in St. Louis, offered gluten free pizza for around $17 for a 12". We scored a better deal here, and the quality wasn't compromised in the least. The location adds to the appeal as well. All we had to do was walk down the street! I'm starting to really love this place:)

And last, but certainly not least.....I biked the MKT Trail

This trail is literally steps away from the building where we work, and I've been desperately needing a cardiovascular escape in the middle of our long days. Since I already have my bike on campus to get to my classes, it made perfect sense. In addition to providing a great workout and a beautiful scenery, it really helps me deal with my anxiety when I'm in Wind Ensemble rehearsals. Somehow, I auditioned at the top of all the flutes here...which means I'm first chair....which means I get the lovely pleasure of playing all of the crazy solo front of all these people I don't know...and did I mention it's been SEVEN years since I sat in an ensemble like this?? At any's super anxiety producing. And after Wednesday's episode of shaking like a 6th grader when it was my turn to play (did I mention the director decided to record rehearsal that day? AND put it up on Blackboard?!? Oh...the horror...), I decided I needed to take serious action. And, apparently it worked, because I felt fine during rehearsal yesterday.

I do have to give Tom some of the credit, though....I made him glare at me while I played all of my solos for him the night before. What a nice guy:)

Today, I will be occupying my little nook in the library--happily researching my year-long project topic:


I really hope you're excited...

because I sure am!

Happy Saturday, everyone.

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