Friday, April 27, 2012


It has been WAAY too long since I last wrote. Chalk it up to research papers, opera papers, Shenkerian Analysis papers (don't ask...), TA duties, practicing, and just trying to keep up with it all.

Oh, and did I mention I'm training for a mini-triatholon??

It's serious, people. And yes, I'm crazy. But, I can swim 1/4 mile in less than twelve minutes, which may sound SLOW to you...but it's an amazing accomplishment for someone who freaked out everytime she attempted to free-style. Today, I practiced swimming in my biking outfit, because I won't have time to change into them after the swim in the actual event. Lovely. I think the butt-pads added a little extra flotation assistance. :)

Anyway, I'm just trying to survive the next two weeks of classes, concerts, juries, and finals. And at some point, hopefully a summer employment opportunity will pop up.

Ok, I know it's pathetic, but I don't have time to write more....

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