Thursday, May 31, 2012

8 Weeks

Our second doctor's visit yesterday was very exciting, partly because it was our fourth wedding anniversary!!  Normally I wouldn't have had two appointments so close together, but my OB wanted to double check the baby's measurements to confirm my due date. I didn't complain because it just gave me another chance to make sure everything was going ok in there. I was so suprised to see how much bigger the little bugger was! The heartbeat was up to 160 bpm and you can totally make out where the head/arms/legs are. So cute! I keep talking to my belly telling him/her to "be careful in there!" hehe... never to early to nag, right?

The only concerining matter was that the previous week's bloodwork indicated my thyroid isn't functioning up to par. The doc said it's pretty normal for someone like me and scribbled off a perscription for Synthroid. My mom has been on thyroid meds for years, so it really didn't suprise me much. I was a little sad to have to add one more pill to my cocktail, but I guess you do what you have to do.

Nausea has definitely reared its head...though I'm not the type to actually throw up. I was thirteen the last time that happened, and I think I just will myself to not do it anymore. I would rather do most anything else than to heave uncontrollably into a nasty toilet. Not my cup-o-tea. So....about 2pm every afternoon...when that yucky swimmy feeling hits....I just park my happy butt on the couch and suck on candied ginger until it's time to make dinner.

Are you bored yet? Too bad..I'm going to keep blabbing.

One of the ways I try to boost my mood is to exercise at least every other day...usually swimming, biking, or jogging.

ONCE in a while, I pop in my prenatal yoga dvd. It's total I'm not always in the mood. The ladies look like teletubbies without the wierd head thingie. Seriously...check it out:

But anyway...yesterday I hopped on my bike for a few laps around the park across the street. It was a gorgeous morning, and since I usually feel pretty great when I'm working out, I was having a great ride. Until.....I tried to turn around on the narrow path so I could go look at a different part of the park. Normally sharp turns are a cinch....but since I'm just a little off these days, I forgot to look the direction I wanted to go...and instead stared directly down at my bike. BIG mistake. The bike drunkenly wobbled about and since my seat was hiked almost all the way up (from the triathlon), my feet couldn't reach the pavement. There was a moment of "oh crap" where everything started moving in slow-mo and I was TERRified I was going to fall off the bike. NOOO! I determined to NOT fall...and somehow I didn't. Whew! My adrenal glands had a hey-day with that near disaster and I was so shaky that I had to go sit on a bench to calm down. So...maybe I should forego the biking for a while...or at least the 180-degree turns.

Anywho...that's enough for one week.

Here's the latest progress:

The sad part is that the belly bloat is 0% baby and 100% gaseousness. Oh weeeell. That's what the flaxseed meal is for. Eat up!

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