Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's never too early to discipline...

Myself, that is.

I need a time out.

I think it hit me about the time I dropped a Tupperware filled with sliced red peppers and then preceded to repeatedly slam the vessel to the floor that once held them.

Oh...and I was yelling.

I yelled as I picked the pathetic little things up off of our dirty linoleum, yelled as I stomped my way over to the trashcan, and then gave an encore worthy UGH!! as I shoved them into the layers of smelly garbage.



Wanna know why?

I spent the previous forty-five minutes convincing myself to get off the couch with the promise I could scavenge tasty tolerable sustenance to feed my growling tummy, and those red peppers were part of the plan. Peppers, avocados, and toasted gluten-free bread. I even had an overwhelming urge to pee, but even that wasn't enough to rouse me from my resting place. The fear of becoming fat and lazy? Nope..not enough. The only reason I was able to drag myself out of my comatose state was for some friggin red peppers!

I just love being pregnant.

No, no. Let me rephrase.

I just LOVE being pregnant with food allergies. Only a pregnant lady who can't eat eggs, wheat, or dairy would let the loss of a container of plain-jane red peppers send her into this much of a tizzy-fit.

I'm sure the "Armageddon" episodes on the History Channel and "Death of a Cheerleader" on ABC Family combined with Bravo's "Pregnant in Heels" had absolutely nothing to do with it.

My poor husband...

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