Friday, January 21, 2011

Great Book

A dear friend recommended this book to me....and then GAVE it to I decided that maybe she was trying to tell me something and that I should actually read it.

I was reluctant at first....

Because, by reading it, I'm admitting to myself that yes---I am pretty darn insecure.

The first chapter was rough, but each subsequent chapter has been getting better and better. The one I read before falling asleep last night really cut to the quick. It's exactly what I need right now.

In other news, Tom and I watched a 2 great documentaries on netflix yesterday---a snow day. One was a National Geographic film on the Appalachian Trail--something I've ALWAYS wanted to experience. Watching it just confirmed my desire....hopefully I can convince my husband to trek three months into the wilderness without the luxury of his razor....

The other one was called "The Spirit of the Marathon" and followed 5 people from different walks of life as they prepared for the Chicago marathon. I know it sounds ridiculous, but tears were welling up as each one crossed the finish line. It is SUCH a statement of accomplishment....especially to those who never would've ever thought they could complete such an amazing distance. It was very encouraging to me...even as Tom and I are training for a 1/2 marathon. It might as well be 26.2 all sounds pretty daunting to me still! The farthest we have run is 7....and we have an 8 mile coming up next week. Considering I was about to die last week during our 5 mile, who knows how it will go!

It's a good thing Erin gave me that insecurity book....I think I need it now more than ever!

Happy Friday....

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