Sunday, August 17, 2014

Operation Bike MS: Part Two

This post is part of a series documenting my journey toward the Gateway Getaway Bike MS. Read Part One HERE. To learn more about Multiple Sclerosis and to support me as I reach my goal of $500, please click HERE.

I woke up this morning at 5:45am--fifteen minutes before my alarm was set to sound--because I was just THAT excited. This morning was slated for my 18-mile training ride. Went to bed early the night before, made sure I was hydrated...I was PUMPED.

Rolled out of bed, trudged to the kitchen, started coffee, changed into my bike clothes. Reached into the fridge for my coconut milk and heard "drip, drip, drip."


Peered down in front of me and watched coffee colored water streaming mercilessly out of the cabinets below the sink. I stood dumbfounded for a few seconds--struggling to process how my yummy coffee had magically transported itself across the kitchen to flow into yucky puddles on the floor.

Sad Face.

Several moments later, it hit me. Before I brewed new coffee, I poured the old batch out (yes, sometimes I forget to empty the coffee pot. Sue me.), and that must be what was leaking volumes.

I continued to stand with gaping mouth--struggling to form a plan.

When I finally pulled myself together and waded over to look under the sink, I found the drain pipe had torn in two--obviously the culprit of my Sunday morning coffee flood.


After a few fluffy towels and a quick call to emergency maintenance, I was set to head out the door. Fifteen minutes late, but ready to ride just the same.


My was the countryside gorgeous. I really felt at home again.  My route was supposed to take me east of town on Richland, south on Rangeline, west on New Haven, and then north on Old 63. In my youthful exuberance, however, I forgot to pay attention to my map while I was riding, so my route ended up looking more like this:

Oops. least I got a good workout, right?

Some of the hills were really tough for me, one was so steep that I was all the way down in gear ONE. But the in the midst of the grunting and growling, I kept focusing on the fact that my pain would be over inside of two hours. Those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis endure constant pain for the rest of their lives. Reflecting on this put those silly hills into perspective and surprisingly my ride improved greatly.

Other than a little soreness and lethargy, I felt pretty good afterward. Not gonna lie, though...I cant fathom riding double the distance two days in a row. Ugh. Good thing I have a couple more weeks to work up to it...

See you next ride...

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