Sunday, August 17, 2014

Operation Bike MS: Part One

It's only three weeks away, but I'm just crazy enough to do the Gateway Bike MS!

I've wanted to join my brother, Matt, on this ride for several years now, but some wild life event always seems to prevent my participation. Grad school, pregnancy, name it, I've been there. Well, no more excuses! After hitting the snooze button twice,

I finally rolled out of bed this morning, slurped some coffee, geared up, and headed out on the hilly streets of Columbia for my ride. Trainer Erin says to do 2 8-10 mile rides during the week and a 18-20 mile ride this weekend (my goal is 80 miles over two days in the Bike MS), so I headed down old 63 to Grindstone, Grindstone to Rock Quarry, Rock Quarry to Broadway, and Broadway home. Some of those routes do not have bike paths or sidewalks, so part of my ride was a little adventurous! Especially the part when I screwed up my gearing sequence climbing a terrible hill on Rock Quarry. 


 Even so, I was reminded how much I LOVE riding and that I'm so excited to do it raising awareness for MS! :) 

Happy riding, everyone!

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